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Trade Date Insider Insider Title Security Type Execution Date Exercise Date Expiration Date Share Price Quantity Shares Owned Shares Code Transaction Code Swap Under SEC Title Under Sec Shares Nature of Ownership SEC Link
2020-05-20Lonny SternbergStock Options (right to buy)2025-05-20$0.002,8502,850AA0Common Stock2,850DForm 4
2020-05-22Sean D. BradleyStock Options (right to buy)2021-01-15$0.0060,0000DM0Common Stock60,000DForm 4
2020-05-29Carr BettisWarrants (right to buy)2015-06-022020-06-0280,0000DM0Common stock80,000DForm 4
2020-08-11Capital Llc SeroWarrant (right to buy)2019-11-142020-08-14146,6670DX0Common Stock146,667IForm 4
2020-10-22Anthony L CoelhoExercise of Option (right to buy)2016-10-252020-10-25$0.0030,0000DM0Common Stock30,000DForm 4
2021-01-13Carr BettisStock Option (right to buy)-2021-01-15$0.0080,0000DM0Common Stock80,000DForm 4
2021-02-18Capital Llc SeroWarrant (right to buy)-2016-04-192021-04-194,0000DX0Common Stock4,000DForm 4