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Trade Date Insider Insider Title Security Type Execution Date Exercise Date Expiration Date Share Price Quantity Shares Owned Shares Code Transaction Code Swap Under SEC Title Under Sec Shares Nature of Ownership SEC Link
2020-12-08Tony XuRestricted Stock Units$0.0010,379,00010,379,000AA0Common Stock10,379,000DForm 4
2020-12-09Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-07-23$0.0015,000185,000DM0Common Stock15,000DForm 4
2020-12-11L John DoerrSeries B Convertible Preferred Stock5,283,2700DC0Common Stock5,474,200IForm 4
2020-12-11L John DoerrSeries C Convertible Preferred Stock417,7300DC0Common Stock417,730IForm 4
2020-12-11L John DoerrSeries H Convertible Preferred Stock164,5950DC0Common Stock164,595IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series A Preferred Stock-$0.0020,399,7250DC0Common Stock20,399,725IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series B Preferred Stock-$0.00176,1100DC0Common Stock182,474IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series C Preferred Stock-$0.007,956,0900DC0Common Stock7,956,090IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series C Preferred Stock-$0.00398,5150DC0Common Stock398,515IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series D Preferred Stock-$0.007,222,0350DC0Common Stock7,222,035IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series D Preferred Stock-$0.00469,9800DC0Common Stock469,980IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series D Preferred Stock-$0.0013,453,1750DC0Common Stock13,453,175IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series D Preferred Stock-$0.00166,1550DC0Common Stock166,155IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series E Preferred Stock-$0.00238,3250DC0Common Stock238,325IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series E Preferred Stock-$0.002,4050DC0Common Stock2,405IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series E Preferred Stock-$0.00476,6600DC0Common Stock476,660IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series E Preferred Stock-$0.004,8150DC0Common Stock4,815IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series F Preferred Stock-$0.0044,0500DC0Common Stock44,050IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series F Preferred Stock-$0.004450DC0Common Stock445IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series H Preferred Stock-$0.00740,9200DC0Common Stock740,920IForm 4
2020-12-11Sc Us (ttgp), Ltd.Series H Preferred Stock-$0.0021,5000DC0Common Stock21,500IForm 4
2020-12-11Private Ltd GicSeries C Convertible Preferred Stock$0.003,132,9750DC0Common Stock3,132,975IForm 4
2020-12-11Private Ltd GicSeries D Convertible Preferred Stock$0.0021,311,3450DC0Common Stock21,311,345IForm 4
2020-12-11Private Ltd GicSeries E Convertible Preferred Stock$0.001,444,4150DC0Common Stock1,444,415IForm 4
2020-12-11Private Ltd GicSeries F Convertible Preferred Stock$0.00444,9350DC0Common Stock444,935IForm 4
2020-12-11Private Ltd GicSeries G Convertible Preferred Stock$0.00263,5800DC0Common Stock263,580IForm 4
2020-12-11Gordon S LeeEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2029-04-08$0.002,00038,000DM0Class A Common Stock2,000DForm 4
2021-02-20Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.009,8229,822AJ0Class A Common Stock9,822DForm 4
2021-02-20Stanley TangClass B Common Stock$0.005,0905,090AJ0Class A Common Stock5,090DForm 4
2021-03-09Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.00236,6992,192,926DM0Class A Common Stock236,699DForm 4
2021-03-09Gordon S LeeEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2029-04-08$0.0011,81026,190DM0Class A Common Stock11,810DForm 4
2021-03-09Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-07-22$0.00143,51427,206DM0Class A Common Stock143,514DForm 4
2021-03-16Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-07-23$0.0040,000145,000DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-03-23Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.0031,0355,983,801DC0Class A Common Stock31,035IForm 4
2021-04-26Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.008,3415,941,878DC0Class A Common Stock8,341IForm 4
2021-05-20Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.006,49316,315AJ0Class A Common Stock6,493DForm 4
2021-05-20Stanley TangClass B Common Stock$0.002,8947,984AJ0Class A Common Stock2,894DForm 4
2021-05-25Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-07-22$0.0027,2060DM0Class A Common Stock27,206DForm 4
2021-05-25Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2027-04-12$0.0031,78769,043DM0Class A Common Stock31,787DForm 4
2021-05-26Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2027-04-12$0.0050,00019,043DM0Class A Common Stock50,000DForm 4
2021-06-07Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.0047,83364,148AJ0Class A Common Stock47,833DForm 4
2021-06-07Stanley TangClass B Common Stock$0.0021,24129,225AJ0Class A Common Stock21,241DForm 4
2021-06-08Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-07-23$0.0031,050113,950DM0Class A Common Stock31,050DForm 4
2021-06-07Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,848,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-06-09Tony XuEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0080,0002,808,390DM0Class A Common Stock80,000DForm 4
2021-06-14Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2027-04-12$0.0019,0430DM0Class A Common Stock19,043DForm 4
2021-06-14Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-07-23$0.00957112,993DM0Class A Common Stock957DForm 4
2021-06-16Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,848,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-06-17Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,808,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-06-18Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-07-23$0.0040,00072,993DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-06-21Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.003,200590,550DM0Class A Common Stock3,200DForm 4
2021-06-22Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.003,200587,350DM0Class A Common Stock3,200DForm 4
2021-06-24Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,170,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-06-25Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,148,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-06-24Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0013,7412,834,649DM0Class A Common Stock13,741DForm 4
2021-06-25Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.001,2592,833,390DM0Class A Common Stock1,259DForm 4
2021-07-08Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0050,7222,782,668DM0Class A Common Stock50,722DForm 4
2021-07-09Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.004,2782,778,390DM0Class A Common Stock4,278DForm 4
2021-07-12Tony XuEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0080,0002,728,390DM0Class A Common Stock80,000DForm 4
2021-07-14Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400586,950DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-07-15Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400586,550DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-07-15Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,768,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-07-16Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,728,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-07-29Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,126,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-07-30Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,104,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-08-16Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,688,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-08-17Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,648,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-08-19Tony XuEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0080,0002,648,390DM0Class A Common Stock80,000DForm 4
2021-08-20Andy FangEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.0036,320143,105DM0Class A Common Stock36,320DForm 4
2021-08-20Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.0036,320100,468AJ0Class A Common Stock36,320DForm 4
2021-08-23Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0055,0002,723,390DM0Class A Common Stock55,000DForm 4
2021-08-20Keith YandellEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-07-23$0.005,52567,468DM0Class A Common Stock5,525DForm 4
2021-08-25Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400586,150DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-08-26Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400585,750DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-08-26Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,082,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-08-27Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,060,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-08-27Gordon S LeeEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2029-04-08$0.009,38016,810DM0Class A Common Stock9,380DForm 4
2021-09-07Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0055,0002,668,390DM0Class A Common Stock55,000DForm 4
2021-09-07Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.0037,59545,605DM0Class A Common Stock37,595DForm 4
2021-09-14Tony XuEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0080,0002,568,390DM0Class A Common Stock80,000DForm 4
2021-09-14Tony XuEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.0041,8952,958,105DM0Class A Common Stock41,895DForm 4
2021-09-14Tony XuClass B Common Stock$0.0041,895836,705AJ0Class A Common Stock41,895DForm 4
2021-09-15Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.00281,1253,456,375DG0Class A Common Stock281,125IForm 4
2021-09-15Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.00281,1256,223,003AG0Class A Common Stock281,125IForm 4
2021-09-20Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400585,350DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-09-21Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400584,950DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-09-22Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,608,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-09-23Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,568,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-09-28Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,038,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-09-29Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0002,016,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-10-04Tony XuEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0080,0002,488,390DM0Class A Common Stock80,000DForm 4
2021-08-20Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.006,722107,190AJ0Class A Common Stock6,722DForm 4
2021-10-11Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,528,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-10-12Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,488,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-08-20Stanley TangClass B Common Stock$0.003,01332,238AJ0Class A Common Stock3,013DForm 4
2021-09-07Stanley TangClass B Common Stock$0.0037,59569,833AJ0Class A Common Stock37,595DForm 4
2021-10-18Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0055,0002,613,390DM0Class A Common Stock55,000DForm 4
2021-10-18Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400584,550DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-10-19Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400584,150DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-10-27Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0001,994,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-10-28Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0001,972,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-11-16Tony XuEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0080,0002,408,390DM0Class A Common Stock80,000DForm 4
2021-11-18Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,448,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-11-19Andy FangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0040,0002,408,390DM0Class A Common Stock40,000DForm 4
2021-11-23Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0001,950,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-11-24Christopher D PayneEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2026-01-14$0.0022,0001,928,926DM0Class A Common Stock22,000DForm 4
2021-11-23Andy FangClass B Common Stock$0.006,193113,383AJ0Class A Common Stock6,193DForm 4
2021-11-22Stanley TangClass B Common Stock$0.002,73872,571AJ0Class A Common Stock2,738DForm 4
2021-11-22Stanley TangStock Option (right to buy)2024-06-25$0.0055,0002,558,390DM0Class A Common Stock55,000DForm 4
2021-11-26Stanley TangClass B Common Stock$0.005,5001,875,663DJ0Class A Common Stock5,500IForm 4
2021-11-26Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400583,750DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4
2021-11-29Prabir AdarkarEmployee Stock Option (right to buy)2028-10-09$0.00400583,350DM0Class A Common Stock400DForm 4